Milo, our indoor cat, has been picked up and our family is very glad to have him back home. Our front door had been left unlocked because our son was to be coming home later one night so we had not closed the door all the way. Milo decided to check out what was happening in the neighborhood and let himself out in the middle of the night.

By 6:30 a.m. the next morning we realized he had gotten out. All day long the whole family walked the fields and drove around the neighborhood looking for him. After a week, we had given up hope and were resigned to the fact that he was probably not coming home.

Then, two weeks later, the Buddy Center called us and told us that Milo had been found. We were so happy! We knew that with a chip we had a better chance of finding him. We are firm believers in registering your pets. The Kerrigan Family

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