Our cat, Ms. Sprout Meow, has been reunited with her family thanks to PetLink. Thank you so much for helping to bring a valued member of our family home! We’ve had Ms. Sprout Meow for four years and she had been brought in from outside. We eased her transition into an indoor/outdoor cat. We would let her out when we went to work and usually she’d be there waiting when we got home. One day recently, as we found out later, she was across the street and saw a woman who started petting her. Then she jumped right in her car!

That evening, when we got home, Ms. Sprout Meow didn’t come when called. All weekend we looked for our cat and the PetLink microchip card that showed her individual serial number. Eventually, I found the card, I typed the number into the PetLink database and thirty minutes later, PetLink called to say someone had found her and connected us up with the services.

The woman who had picked Ms. Sprout Meow up on the street later told us she’d rescued tons of homeless cats. Our cat has such big eyes, with white all around them to make them look wide open, and is so small and petite with a long tail that the woman thought she was a stray, even though was actually right across from her home when she was found.

This really friendly lady was confused when she took Ms. Sprout Meow to the vet and found out she was an owned and loved cat, not a stray at all. While she was at the vet getting Ms. Sprout Meow scanned, she got her de-wormed too. Even better, now we don’t need to go to the vet appointment we had booked for next week! My fiancé and I are getting married in September and I’m sure Ms. Sprout Meow would run down the aisle if we let her loose! He and Ms. Sprout Meow have a very special bond and he was heartbroken when she wasn’t waiting for him when he got home on Friday. Her absence over the weekend was very hard for him. He was overjoyed when he returned home on Monday to find her inside the house. Thanks, PetLink, it worked out perfectly.

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