My beautiful green-eyed cat, Nefertiti, was staying with my parents in Arizona while we packed up our home for our move to Arizona from New Jersey. Nefertiti escaped from the house while my parents had some guests staying with them. Nefertiti has always been very sneaky, but she has never got far away for a long time. I was so worried about her being away from home and in an area with lots of wild animals.

PetLink provided a quick poster for us with all the information needed to get Nefertiti back, so I quickly activated her microchip and sent my parents the PetLink ‘Lost Pet’ poster for them to display and aid her return. I feared the odds were against us. My parents enlisted neighbors and searched and hung posters everywhere. After searching all day, they left food and her cat litter outside on their porch. I went to bed 3,000 miles away worried I’d never see my cat again. My 18-month-old loves Nefertiti and calls her ‘Get down’!

At 2 a.m. Nefertiti came out of hiding and found the food. My parents were able to get her safely!! I’m so happy she was found unhurt!! Even though she came home on her own, knowing that if someone else found her, she would be able to be identified without her collar gave me some peace of mind in this scary situation. As a result of this, we are microchipping our dog.

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