My gray tabby, Cooper, has been a part of my life for four years. We moved recently and he wandered away about three weeks ago. I had put flyers in mailboxes, notified the local SPCAs, placed notices on Facebook and the local development webpage. Fortunately, he attracted the attention of a homeowner nine miles away from us and she brought him to the local SPCA.

Most tabbies look similar and the only picture I had of him was a photocopy of the one from his adoption file so there was an issue in trying to identify him. Luckily the SPCA scanned Cooper and found his microchip which identified me as the owner! Without his microchip and his connection to PetLink, he would have been ‘just another stray’.

I am so grateful Cooper has been found. He’s a little thinner but he is safe at home now. I am so thankful for his microchip and the services of PetLink. I cannot thank you enough!

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