We let our Pomeranian, Rocky, out into our fenced-in backyard in May to use the bathroom. Five minutes later my son Wade opened the door to let him back in and Rocky was gone! The gate, which had been shut, was open. It is the kind of gate that has a locking pole on it requiring someone to lift the pole and keep holding it up while they are opening the gate. As a result of this discovery we suspected that someone had stolen Rocky.

Wade and I looked everywhere for Rocky. We knocked on all of our neighbors’ doors, posted up ‘Lost Dog’ flyers, went to all the shelters in the area, and visited all the vet, but still no Rocky. Then, yesterday, PetLink called! A lady who lives two hours away from us had found Rocky and, even though his collar and tags were not on him when she found him, she took him to her vet to have him scanned. I am just thankful that she was smart enough to have Rocky checked for a microchip!

We went and picked up Rocky today and he was so excited to see us that he yanked the leash out of the lady’s hand to get to us quicker. First, Rocky jumped all over Wade and then, when I called out the car window to him, he ran and jumped into our car and started covering me with kisses. I was so afraid that he wouldn’t remember us but I guess my fears were unfounded! We want to thank PetLink so much!!! Rocky was so far away from our home that we would never have found him if it hadn’t been for your organization. Thank God for our kind helper and PetLink!

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