This is the true story of how I was reunited with my small dog, Diva. She is my baby, a tiny Chihuahua who has got out several times over the past six years. After crying over Diva too many times when she got lost, two years ago I had her spayed and chipped. Well, she got out again just the other day. Generally, Diva sits in her favorite spot on top of the couch and looks out the window. She is stalking other dogs or cats that may walk by. On this occasion, I forgot to close the window and Diva pushed the screen out while I didn’t notice because I was in my office.

When I realized she was gone it was getting dark, so I started the oh-too-familiar walk around the neighborhood looking for her. I said to myself that, instead of crying, I would pray that someone would find Diva and see that she is chipped. While I was out walking, an email popped up on my phone saying Diva had been found. Then I got a phone call from PetLink and they transferred a call from the guy who had found Diva, just a few doors down from my house. I learned that PetLink also called my alternate number, trying to contact me in every way until they got through. We didn’t need to scan Diva’s chip this time but after I got her back I immediately updated my PetLink account with the correct information.

Thank God for good people like this great citizen and neighbor, Steve, who turned in my lost pet and brought her back home to me. Thanks so much Steve and THANK GOD FOR PETLINK!

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