State: California
Posted: November 23, 2018
Author: Teege Durham-Culp

My beautiful grey cat Gruyere was missing for 146 days! A wonderful couple had been feeding Gruyere for a few weeks just before we were reunited. He is skittish and will run away unless very hungry so he must have been starving when they met him. He was very affectionate and they knew that he must have a family who was missing him, despite being told by someone that the owners who had lost him no longer wanted him.

Fate had it that a representative of One Love Animal Rescue was at an event at the state park where Bear was hanging out. The couple asked One Love if they could help by scanning the cat for a microchip. And this is how happy endings are made! They say it takes a village of people working together to raise a child, well, thanks to a village of people paying attention and caring for a cat, he is now on his way home with me.  #NEVERGIVEUP





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