My Blackmouth Cur, Baby, was following the bad example of his partner-in-crime, our miniature Schnauzer, Rex, who decided to dig a hole in the fence and go exploring.

Fortunately, both dogs were brought back home by a local police officer who called the number on Baby’s tag but got no answer. Baby’s breed is a hunting dog but he’s not used for purpose. In fact, my husband was away hunting in the mountains and couldn’t be reached on his cell phone and I was at work.

The officer brought the dogs to the nearest vet who just so happened to be Baby’s vet! The vet immediately recognized Baby but scanned him to be 100% sure. The officer was given our address and he kindly took the dogs home, putting them safely in the front screened-in porch with a bowl of water. Baby and Rex are so spoiled, it’s probably done them some good to sit quietly like that.

Thank you, PetLink! If the policeman hadn’t found our address, the dogs would have been taken to the pound which closed before I could get out of work and is a 45-minute ride away!! They are safe, snuggled in their beds and didn’t have the trauma of spending the night in doggie jail!! Our Rex, who is not chipped, now has an appointment to get PetLink! It’s fantastic!

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