Nov 11 2016

A Possible Cat-tasrophe

Author: Christie Scroggs

My cat went missing in September of 2015. It was devastating for my girls and I. That's when I registered her microchip with PetLink. Over a year later, obviously we had long since given up hope of finding her, I received a text, an email and a phone call from PetLink stating my cat had been found. A lady had taken her cat in to the vet to get her fixed and when they put her under anesthesia and shaved her for the procedure, they noticed the scar. She'd already been fixed and the vet decided to scan her. I didn't believe it at first. When I saw her though it was definitely her! I was able to pick her up that day and now she is home safe, happy and loved. If it was not for her microchip and the vet not scanning her, she would still be missing. Thank you so much for bringing her back to our family.

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