We moved in July of 2011 about 3/4 of a mile from our previous home. After a move, we always keep our three cats indoors for about a month before letting them out. This time, we had some company over, and the adjustment period was shorter than a month. That night, after the company left, we called for one of our cats, a grey Bengal named Orion, and he never responded. For the following two months we did try to look for him near our old house, but got no results. Then, after about nine months, we lost all hope.

Later we discovered Orion had been living and mooching off two or three people in our old area the whole time. He really warmed up to a family, and because he was so nice, they wanted to care for him, help keep him clean and up to date on his shots.

This family thought they should ask if anyone owned him. While they were at the vet making sure Orion was healthy, the vet scanned him and then called my phone right away.

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