My faithful Siberian Husky, Eva, had to take a trip to my grandmother’s house while we had the roof repaired after a storm. Eva wasn’t very happy about her trip or her new temporary home, but she did what she does best – she adapted. My grandmother loved having her there, as she lives in an interesting neighborhood, and Eva let her know when anyone came around the house.

Then, on the 4th of July the neighbors decided to break the law and shoot fireworks in the city and this caused a real problem. Eva had already let the neighbors know to stay away from her yard, so they didn’t really care for her and, after the fireworks started, she wouldn’t stop howling. The neighbors decided to open the fence gate and let her go.

Well, my grandmother and I were devastated. We searched everywhere for Eva for two days. Finally, my grandmother reached the animal control office and discovered they had picked her up about four blocks away, under a lady’s deck, hiding from the fireworks. The PetLink microchip was of great assistance because the animal control worker was able to identify Eva and confirm that she was my dog.

We went immediately and picked up Eva. She was so excited to see us she peed a little!! lol !! Poor baby… We got her back to my grandmother’s house as my construction work wasn’t completed yet. I called the construction supervisor and had him rush the job so Eva could come back home.

Two days later, the job is almost done, and Eva went missing AGAIN!! This time, no one had found her and the heat was unbearable! Without water, she was sure not to make it this time. My husband and I took the day off from work and started the search again. We walked and yelled and whistled and called but no Eva. It was getting late, so we picked up our kids from school and then went for one more search around the neighborhood before calling it a day.

To our amazement she was in the front yard of the same house where she had been found previously under the deck! She had made friends with a very shaggy Cocker Spaniel and they were playing tug-of-war with a rope. She was so excited to see us and show us her new friend. We picked her up and took her home and she has been perfectly content every since. She now has three other puppies to keep her company.

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