Lucy is a stray, about six-to-nine-months old. We took her in to give her a good home, since no one else could take her, not even the shelters. Well, the day we got her, I put her in the garage with the door open about three-to-four inches, to let air in. We needed to get her to a vet before allowing her in the house with the rest of our animals.

I come home after work, Tuesday night, and she’s gone. I searched the neighborhood three times, areas around our neighborhood until 2 a.m. – nothing. I called and left messages at various shelters and one of the shelters called me back. He said he got a call from a lady in my area about a dog fitting Lucy’s description. He put her in touch with me and I finally had my dog back.

That same day I called the vet and urgently asked for an appointment for that day so we could get the ball rolling sooner and get her microchipped ASAP!!! Trust me, I have this dog tagged, chipped and about any other identifying thing I can do to make sure she stays safe!!!

Her getting lost the first time was the reason we chose to have a microchip implant for Lucy. In fact, we were always going to microchip her anyways, but the urgency to do it was extreme after what she put us through by running off.

Now that Lucy is chipped, I have that peace of mind. Knowing she has an identifying chip makes me feel so much better.

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