Abbey, a lost dog on the loose, was delivered to me one day by a neighbor who knew I rescued animals. After I put up flyers about the dog with her picture on them, her owner called and verified that Abbey was the dog’s name. I handed Abbey over, but I’d already bonded with her and it was very difficult letting her go. I told the owner that if she ever didn’t want to care for Abbey any more, I’d take her back – I’d even pet sit with her anytime!

Three weeks passed and I was miserable missing Abbey. Then the owner called and asked if I’d take her back. Would I?!! Of course I would!! So Abbey was delivered to me a second time. It had to be fate telling us that Abbey was going to be my dog, especially after I had lost my dog, Sugar, after 16 years together.

Abbey was the eighth dog I’d rescued in 2014. Out of the eight, only one was microchipped and it wasn’t even Abbey! Thanks to being microchipped that dog had a very short time away from its owners. Now, of course, Abbey is chipped as well and I urge you too, please, to microchip your pet! It’s worth it and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your beloved pet will be a phone call away.

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