Our Basset Hound, Roscoe, broke his collar and decided to go for a ‘walk’. He was picked up three miles from home by Animal Control on the day he went missing. This is the fourth time he has done this! The first two times I was lucky enough to find him myself. The third time I wasn’t as lucky…

Roscoe was missing for six days before I thought about calling Animal Control. I was looking for him every day, riding up and down the roads near my house. When I called Animal Control and described him, the lady immediately told me she thought they had our dog and I needed to come as soon as possible because he had already been put up for adoption. Roscoe, being a full-blooded Basset Hound, would have been adopted out quickly.

I immediately left work and went to pick him up. I was so relieved when I saw Roscoe again. At that moment, I put him in the car and drove straight to the vet’s office to have him microchipped. I had heard about it but I didn’t really know how it worked. It only took the nurse a second to place the chip under his skin and didn’t hurt him at all. The procedure was very inexpensive and worth every penny. Someone from the Animal Shelter gave me a call last week right after they picked him up from his ‘walk’. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has a pet. Thanks, PetLink, for your services which permitted the Animal Shelter to find us, so we could get Roscoe back home again!

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