I have been really touched on more than occasion by how much people care and show concern for lost pets. I have an indoor/outdoor cat, Parker, who very much loves being outside and wanders about a block’s radius from home. Recently, within the last two months or so I have had two separate calls thanks to PetLink. I am so grateful to these caring people, one of whom I met. The girlfriend of a young guy found Parker hanging out under a car, as cats often do. They brought Parker to the vet to check to see if he was chipped. So, on both occasions when Parker has gone on an adventure, I have been reunited through his PetLink registration. Once Parker ended up at someone’s home in a garage, where I picked him up about an hour after the ordeal. I had words with Parker but then there was a second time! The lady who found him brought Parker to her vet, where again they got his info through PetLink and off I was to pick Parker up from his second adventure. Obviously it’s troubling when Parker disappears but, thanks to caring people and the help of PetLink we are together yet again!

  • Jan:

    Is Parker wearing a collar with an ID too?? Might save folks a trip to the vet! 

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