State: California
Posted: December 6, 2021
Author: Andrea Vicunia

Ninja is my hiking buddy and best friend. We go daily to Runyon Canyon and he has hiked a Volcano in Guatemala with me so didn’t think that the fog on Sunday would be a problem. It was. He started following another dog and the owner was running. Visibility was limited because of the fog so thought I would catch up to them or he would wait.

I’ve never been so scared, I went up and down twice and showed pictures of Ninja to strangers. They kept my phone and would give me updates of not finding him. I was thinking the worst had happened (coyote or rattle snake or someone stealing him). I was on my 3rd time going up when I got the email “Ninja has been found.” from PetLink ♥️ I couldn’t thank you enough! The man who found him was impressed of how fast you let me know and I contacted him.

Thank you!

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