I woke up because I heard barking and I decided that since I was up, I might as well go outside with my German Shepherd, Loba. I heard a crash before I had my shoes on and as I walked outside, I realized that Loba had knocked down a fence board and had run off, probably chasing a cat. I also realized that Loba’s daughter was gone too – she’s used to being together with her mom all the time. She must have followed her and was going to be wherever Loba was.

I grabbed the leashes and went out looking for them but I couldn’t find them. As I was walking around town a few minutes later, I got a phone call from the local police station saying that they had found my pet. I quickly walked over there and they told me they had Loba. She was scanned and, with the given information, our phone number was quickly called.

They hadn’t told me anything about Loba’s daughter so I described her and asked if she had also been taken. They told me that they had both of them together and I immediately asked for them back. They were brought out and we walked home. If Loba hadn’t had a microchip, I would’ve never known where she was and I’d probably never have seen her or her daughter again! I made a great decision in getting Loba a microchip because now she’s back with her family. Loba is now a grandmother and she is watching her daughter’s pups grow and she even helps care for them.

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