After the loss of my lady friend in 2005, I was left with her cat Willow, who was very suspicious-acting with me at first. We gradually became close; me being a night pharmacist and she being a rescue cat, who was found by my niece in the Chicago area. As two years passed, we did quite well. Each morning after eating, we would retire to my recliner, where she would sleep in my lap all day. Six years later, after moving to Colorado to care for my widowed aunt who has no children, I found myself living alone in a nice home with a view of a floodplain and large fields.

Then one night, when I wasn’t working, Willow wanted out about 1 a.m. and I said “I love you, Willow” and she didn’t come back. I was so unhappy for weeks while searching for her. After placing a lost cat ad in the paper and no responses, PetLink let me know where she was and we are back together. Anyone who loves their pet should get them microchipped; there is no better way to have some peace of mind.

Don Lonhart, Greeley, CO

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