I had bought numerous collars and ID tags for my adult male black cat named Joey but he was like an escape artist and would wrangle himself out of all of them. After losing quite a bit of money on those products, I decided to invest in getting him microchipped to provide me with peace of mind in the event that something bad were to happen. One month before I was due to move from one apartment complex to another, Joey vanished. I believe a neighbor carted him off to another location due to his disdain for felines. I posted flyers in the neighborhood but I never heard a peep come moving day. I always knew he was a survivor and I believed that he was doing just fine but I desperately wanted him back.

Months later – eight and a half months later actually – I got a phone call from my vet stating that she had my Joey. A kind soul living near my previous residence had been caring from him and other strays. This kind soul took what she thought was a female cat to be spayed, but of course Joey was already neutered. When the vet saw that he was already sterilized, she thought she would take the additional two seconds to see if he was chipped. He was chipped! She had done it herself a mere five months before he turned up missing. If it had not been for his microchip, there would have been no way I would have gotten my Joey back.

By the way, he was in perfect health when he was returned to me. It has been about a year since I have had him back and he looks at me as if he is the luckiest cat in the world. I’d say, he is absolutely right.

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