We love our cat, Tiger, like she is our child. She is a miracle cat. She comes when you call her and has never been away from home for more than a few hours. She’s pretty special for an outdoor cat and we were content with her being outdoors because she was such a good kitty. You can imagine our surprise when she went missing. We were distraught. We scoured the neighborhood daily, put up flyers, went door to door, even checked animal shelters in all the cities for 50 miles around.

Finally, after one very emotional week, we found our baby across the street. The neighbors had left for vacation the day she disappeared and she had wandered into their home and gotten trapped inside. Fortunately, we got her back safe and sound, just a few pounds lighter. We were amazed that she survived a week without a trace of food or water and she could not have been happier to be returned to us. Thanks immensely to our neighborhood who banded together and helped us search. We love all of you and could never thank you enough. All of these people we never knew before have now become part of our family.

PetLink provided an incredible service with the flyers. It would have been impossible for me to design effective flyers while I was so upset. Also, for all of you who are missing loved animals, I made contact sheets with a light description of our missing baby and handed them out door to door for everyone to put in their wallet. You get so many more leads when people have your contact information to hand. A wallet-sized info sheet is a great idea and very helpful – it saved our cat’s life. Thanks, PetLink for making our neighborhood aware of Tiger’s plight.

The microchip did not help in this specific situation, but in any other case of disappearance we know it would be invaluable. Although it did not help us locate Tiger, it did provide us with some much needed peace of mind and we are very glad to have it.

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