Teddy came to my home on my birthday when my sister gave him to me as a surprise. At the beginning I didn’t know what to do with Teddy since he is a big dog – a Labrador-German Shepherd mix. I didn’t know if I could leave him outside or inside. So, I decided to give inside a try, left Teddy in the living room and – what a surprise! – he didn’t pee or poop, so now he lives inside the house.
I also have a Chihuahua and I was afraid Teddy would bite him. But it didn’t happen … instead, Teddy started to get along well with Chikitin and, despite the fact that Chikitin growls at him sometimes, Teddy still loves him. This attitude really made me love Teddy more.

Even so, in the first two weeks with Teddy he gave me hell – he damaged my TV remote control, he ripped my sofa and some curtains but I still loved him. I am a dog lover and I would not give up on him because of damage. Training him helped me a lot and nowadays he is a happy dog. He loves me so much and every day we go for a walk in the morning and in the afternoon he waits for me to go out for a walk again.

I am deaf and I am only hoping Teddy learns and understands about my deafness. I found out he is scared of thunder. I remember one night when a heavy thunderstorm was coming, he was so scared that he didn’t want to stay in the living room sleeping, he went to my bedroom and stayed there all night and since that day he sleeps in the bedroom every night. He’s stubborn, but he’s still my baby. Teddy loves water so I give him a bath twice a week and we play in the backyard with water.
When Teddy went missing, PetLink helped me to find my adorable best friend. Teddy is not a dog for me, he is a family member and I completely adore him.

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