Our cat, Quinn, always had health issues since we first adopted him. We were shocked when he went missing because it was not like him to do that. He was very much an indoor cat but suddenly started being more outdoor. When he sprinted round the block it was the first indication that there was something wrong.

The day before he ran off he didn’t want anyone to touch him or pet him. That was bizarre because he was the most affectionate cat who always wanted to be the center of attention.

Quinn was lost for over a month. We had flyers up and a neighborhood person found Quinn and took him to the animal shelter. PetLink was fantastic! They contacted us the minute he was found, the second his chip was scanned. The reunion was very wonderful. We had missed him like crazy and thought he was dead. Little did we know that Quinn was dying. Maybe it was the reason he took off in the first place.

When he came back to us Quinn was very, very ill. He lost seven pounds during his ordeal and was peeing everywhere. We ended up bringing him back to the shelter to see what was going on. They told us he was dying so we decided to have him peacefully put down.

I was with him when he went. I loved that cat and I never thought of replacing him. Then we met Leela, a kitten who is a lot like Quinn. We hadn’t anticipated getting two cats but Leela was joined at the hip to a kitten we had to name Fry after we adopted them both!

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