Leo’s story is a case of mistaken identity. Leo went outside after I had returned home from work, which is his routine. He is a sociable guy and likes to “visit” the neighbors. He wasn’t more than a block from home when a family with three children drove by, spotted him and thought he was the solid black cat with yellow-green eyes they had previously lost. They managed to catch him – no easy feat – and took him home.

Luckily, they took him to their vet the next day who scanned him. When I got home from work, I had three calls waiting for me, one of which was from PetLink. By that evening, the very nice people who had taken him returned him to me with apologies. He was very confused, and of course I was relieved to have him home safe and sound.

This was the second time Leo was rescued from being lost forever. I found Leo in my neighbor’s garage two years ago. I took him to my dog’s vet, prepared to give him a new home. Through Leo’s chip, we located his owners in Chicago. He had gotten out as they were leaving for the airport and they were not able to get him back. The poor woman who had owned him was in tears as we talked, and said that her prayers had been answered by my finding him. She agreed to let me keep him.

I do believe that Leo found me and was meant to be my cat. Hopefully, Leo will never go missing again but, if he does, something tells me that he will find his way back to me. Just in case, it’s nice to know PetLink will be there to help.

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