PetLink has worked twice for us now. I recommend it to absolutely everyone I see. Our dog, Poppy, is a Jack Russell with some English Spaniel in her so she just takes off. I knew when I got her that she would need tags and a chip. The first time she ran away, PetLink gave me the number for a local vet where Poppy had been taken. Before I got there no one could tell me if she was ok, so I was terrified. That time, Poppy was found a mile away by a runner.

This time, I didn’t have a clue she was missing! I was at work when I received an email on my iPhone from PetLink saying ‘Did you know your dog, Poppy, was lost?’ I had no idea! After I was contacted, the nice man who had her was kind enough to hold her overnight until I could come and fetch her.

It transpired that Poppy had been chasing a skunk and got sprayed. This great guy and the vet had used chemical shampoos on Poppy and cleaned her up for me! She still smells a little but she’s better than she was. Skunk is a very pungent odor, like rotten food and it burns your nose. Poppy was sleeping with us that first night she was back and I had to push her out of bed! Now she’s perfectly safe and glad to be home.

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