Okay so the holidays can be tough on everyone, but we never imagined that a dozen people for a tree triming party and a visiting dog she already knew would have our little Rosie running for climes unknown. She has been social at other such parties, but California has had crazy windstorms that have upset a lot of animals, Rosebud disappeared for three days. We canvased the neighborhood at all hours and left our front yard coated with catnip. Thanks to our friend Marsha, we even placed piles of our dirty laundry and stinky tennis shoes in the front and back yard. We were ready to contact the pet psychic when Rosebud returned sometime during my nap between the 1a.m. and 3 a.m. neighborhood search. (Thanks to our neighbor, Airna who volunteered to join us at 3 a.m.), and thanks to Brandi and Todd and all our friends for their love and support. We are so grateful. My husband, Randy says whether it was calling Rosie between 1 and 5 a.m while shaking the cat food canister, the power of prayer or the T-shirt and tennis shoes on the front porch, we don’t know. If you are ever in this painful situation, try them all. I am so glad she came home before I had to circle the neighborhood with freshly roasted chickens and raw fishes…

  • April Ackerson:

    Absolutely great tips………heartwarming that Rosebud has a wonderful Forever Loving Home with wonderful people who love her so much ………we need more people like you in the world…..it would be a much better place for all of us……..Blessings to Rosebud & All of you…….thanks for renewing some faith in human nature 

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