Our cat, Stanley, had been missing for about six months when we received a call from the Humane Society. A woman had brought in a cat she had been caring for over several months. She said she had found him about one and a half miles away from where we live. He was skinny and very skittish but she nursed him back to health.

Stanley is a wonderful cat so she decided to keep him and took him in for shots. In the process they found Stanley’s chip and gave us a call. The sweet woman brought Stanley back to us and we were so happy to see him. Stanley’s savior lives alone and Stanley was currently her only pet. After a couple of days, we realized that Stanley would be much safer with his savior. We had a dog and a bird and each other, so we gave him back to her.

She had a fence installed that cats can’t jump and Stanley always wanted to be outside. He was safer with her than with us. We miss him but, if he had gotten lost again, we would have been taking him from her as well as from us. I was very happy to know that Stanley hadn’t died and that he had found someone who loves him and can protect him better than we could.

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