I never even knew my Lab Retriever, Ziva, was gone! I was out running errands and got a call from PetLink. They go, ‘Do you have a dog named Ziva, who’s lost?’ and I go, ‘Well, I have a dog called Ziva…’

Ziva had been found in a park and taken to the city’s animal hospital. She had roamed several blocks from our house and crossed a busy street. I immediately called my housekeeper to see how Ziva got out. I have a smaller dog too and was worried they were both missing. It was pouring with rain and we figured the front door was left slightly ajar and got blown open in the stormy weather.

It was such a surprise to me because Ziva never usually goes anywhere. Sometimes when we go out on our ranch she goes a distance with her tags on. But when she’s at home she’s more comfortable with no tags on and is likely to curl up in her bed and nap.

It must have been less than an hour, more like 40 minutes that Ziva was missing and, without her tags, it was the PetLink microchip that identified her. The little Dickens had an absolute joyride, she was thrilled! I was so thankful. I would have died if we had not got her back. She’s a beautiful dog and if she hadn’t had a chip, we might not have been reunited.

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