While I was out of town, my friend was coming to my house to take care of my cat, Chrissy. After a few days, my friend reported to me that she had not seen Chrissy and believed she had escaped from the house. I was very concerned because Chrissy is declawed and not an outdoor cat, plus – I love her! Chrissy is very special to me because she is my deceased mother’s cat. I was frantic but knew I had a back up …PetLink.

I was able to log into PetLink, get Chrissy’s information for posting to other sites, to distribute to shelters and so I could fill out a ‘Lost pet’ report on PetLink and on other sites. Since I wasn’t at home to look for Chrissy myself, it gave me a secure feeling knowing that at least Chrissy’s information was being distributed and others were on the look out for my cat. I am extremely grateful for this. There were literally over 100 people in on the search for Chrissy, either from the shelters or re-posting the ‘Lost pet’ poster.

The ultimate saving factor, as I knew it would be, was the microchip because, even though Chrissy was last seen wearing a collar, in the meantime she had lost it and all the identifying information on it. Chrissy was ultimately identified at a vet office by her microchip.

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