My husband was home alone with our two dogs, a white West Highland Terrier named Bitsy and a Scottish Terrier named Oliver. The glass door to our main entrance was shut closed. However, Oliver jumps pretty high! Somehow, he managed to open the lever, which works in an up-and-down motion, with his paws. Both of our dogs, who are both chipped, got out of the house. By the time my husband heard the ruckus, they were both in the neighbor’s yard running away.

He managed to grab the Westie, Bitsy, but Oliver, the Scottie, kept running. This was around 9 p.m. in the evening. My husband and I, along with my dad, brother, best friend and a neighbor, canvassed the neighborhood for over six hours. For a while we also had the assistance of security forces from the Air Force – we live in a military community where my husband is currently serving.

We had no luck after so much searching so we decided to go to bed for a couple of hours. In the morning, we got up just after 6:30 a.m.
after hardly sleeping at all. Three of us resumed canvassing but we still couldn’t find Oliver.

Then we received a call from a local pet clinic down the street from our home. A neighbor at the other end of our neighborhood had found Oliver, since he was wearing his PetLink collar tag. She took him into her vet to get scanned. Thanks to PetLink, the vet clinic was able to retrieve our information. After getting the call we picked him up and we were finally reunited with our little baby! I am so glad my husband and I decided to get both of our dogs microchipped. In situations like these, it truly comes in handy and can make the difference.

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