In California, while staying with my in-laws, my precious, frisky boy, Stockton, decides to sneak out of the house while it’s still daylight (we only let him out at night). My phone rings and it’s an emergency pet hospital five miles away! Someone has spotted Stockton’s spots – he’s a beautiful Bengal cat – and picked him up ;(

Stockton had lost his collar on a previous jaunt, so his new one did not have my number on it. The folks who saw Stockton took my baby to the clinic and told the nice lady working there that, if the cat had no chip and no owner, they wanted him. After the chip was scanned, they left their address and phone number so that, if I didn’t want my baby, they would be glad to take him off my hands!

I was relieved to receive the call. I went and picked him up and made sure we didn’t let him out again until after it was dark. Thanks to PetLink, my information was available even though my kitty had lost his collar and tag. The microchip is ten times better than a collar, because it can’t be lost or removed!

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