We were so happy to have found our 13-week-old German Shepherd, Walker, and be reunited with him again this afternoon! I believe in microchipping wholeheartedly. Every pet owner should have their pet microchipped. Without it, I doubt if you will ever find your animal. Also, it does help to have a Good Samaritan help you to find your pet as well.

Walker was in the back yard with the fence secured. I was not gone more than ten minutes and when I came back the gate was open. It certainly looked like someone had come in and got the dog. The Good Samaritan who picked Walker up said he found him in the street. He took Walker to the nearest PetSmart to be scanned and sure enough, our names came up. The PetSmart was more than five miles away from us, so I still wonder how Walker got there.

I rewarded the man with a few dollars but, if it hadn’t been for the microchip, I don’t think we would’ve seen Walker again. Thank you so much again, PetLink!

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