I am very pleased with your services, PetLink! As I have heard many times that people chip their animal but never register them, registration was the first thing I did when I got my cat, Bruiser, home from the animal hospital three years ago.

This summer Bruiser disappeared for ten days and it was great to have your website as a resource for how to find a pet. It was also reassuring to know that if he was picked up and scanned I would be contacted. More recently, in fact, on Christmas day, Bruiser went out again and it was a few days before I was really aware he hadn’t been back. When I did get the call from PetLink, he was over a mile away and had been found near a major road.

I was very fortunate that there are cat-friendly people out there. A woman took Bruiser in, convincing him to try out her place after he had been on the lam for a week. A neighbor of hers works at the vet and had a scanner so Bruiser and I were reunited!!

But that isn’t all … after a few days of recovery, I ‘let him out for a minute’ and he was off again! Because the neighbors, a mile away, were now familiar with Bruiser and me, they called me when he was spotted on a back porch in the same area. TWICE he was returned to me and it was because of the chip.

My intention is to make him an indoor cat to keep him safer and it is great to know that if he were to disappear again that the PetLink service could and would reunite us again. I would highly recommend getting your pet microchipped and registering online! On this cold rainy day it is great to have my fuzzy boy inside and safe!! Thanks again!! P.S. My birthday was the day before your phone call came – getting Bruiser back because of the chip and your service was the BEST birthday present EVER!

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