I was out of town and a friend was watching my big guy, an Irish Setter called Grat, for me. On the day I was returning I had gotten a call at the airport that Grat was gone. I put ads on Craigslist, stuck up posters, and made calls into all the local vets and animal control facilities … but nothing.

After Grat had been missing for seven months I decided to adopt a new pet, but not long after I got a text saying ‘Grat has been reported found.’ PetLink contacted me with this news immediately after. I danced and cried when, after he had been away for ten months, I learned that my big guy, Grat, had shown up for treatment at a vet clinic. The clinic called me and I arranged to pick him up. Grat was dirty and sick, but at least he was alive!

I don’t know much about where he has been, although, apparently, the same family had Grat the whole time. He is slowly getting healthy again, and after a good shave and a few baths he no longer stinks. My prodigal son has returned home where he now has a new brother dog and they are getting along great. I’m just as happy as a lark to have Grat home!

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