My indoor cat, Rajah, got curious and crafty enough to dart out the front door and disappear early one Saturday morning, June 22nd. Rajah had not been seen despite best efforts to find him and, while we waited for news, he was never taken to a vet or picked up by the city. Rajah, it turned out, actually found the closest place to hide, which was on a porch a few buildings away in the same apartment complex, between two couches stacked upon one another. Some resident children – absolute angels, in my eyes! –spotted Rajah on account of the posters I had put up and notified maintenance at my apartment, who called me.

The children informed me that they’d seen Rajah for days and that he had hardly moved from the spot. One of the girls was crying. I think she may have gotten a little attached to Rajah and I was proud of her for being brave in giving him up. He gave little fuss as we used treats to lure him out of the hole, then put him in his carrier which usually makes him feel a little safer. On coming home, Rajah is reacclimatizing well, though it’ll be slow for him and his sister to re-learn the family order.

PetLink gave me the sense of security that if/when this should ever happen to Rajah again, he’ll be returned home if the city or vets get a hold of him. PetLink covers every aspect of what you can do for your pet. In my view, every pet that can get out and roam freely should have one! Microchips keep families together, animals alive, and everyone happier in the end, should the unthinkable happen.

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