I had been in Korea with the US Army for about a month. Prior to leaving, I left my cat, Pita, with a friend in Texas. My friend called one day saying that Pita was missing and that she didn’t have any other details. Here I was, on the other side of the world, devastated and heartbroken, wondering if my little girl was even still alive. Sadly, Pita’s disappearance had broken my Dad’s heart as much as it had mine.

After two months, my friend called again and said Pita had been found by a little girl who saw the “cat missing” posters. PetLink gave me a lot of peace of mind during those two months. I was able to ensure Pita’s microchip information was up to date and accurate. The microchip was one of the most important factors in saving Pita. It positively identified her, when I couldn’t be there to do it myself.

Pita was now at a local pet shelter. When I called my Dad with the good news, he got in his car literally one hour later, embarking on a 1500 mile drive from Pennsylvania to Texas to get her! Three days later, Pita was home at my Dad’s where she has been safe, sound and happy ever since, with my Dad’s cat, Annie. They’ve been inseparable best friends ever since! VERY happy ending 🙂

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