My pet and I have been reunited! PetLink was a huge help in bringing this about. My cat, Milo, went missing when I came back home to Dallas after living in Memphis for a year. I put up numerous signs, called local shelters, and searched the local SPCA website, but there was no sign of him for almost two weeks!

It was such a relief getting a call from a local vet clinic last week. They let me know that a man found Milo very far from my home and that they were able to find my information because of Milo’s PetLink registration. Even more impressive was the email I received from your team, which got to me just minutes after he was turned in!

I appreciate your services so much and really can’t thank you enough. I know that Milo would not have been returned to me without your help. I am definitely a proponent of microchipping, and am SO thankful that the adoption agency I got Milo from did it! Thanks again, Sarah Delph.

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